Rolling bearing contact seal

Nanjing, China
March 19, 2014 8:21pm CST
1. The radial seal The commonly used radial contact seal including felt ring seal, oil seal, packing seal and seal ring seal. Because in this kind of seal, seal with shaft or other direct contact, therefore, is inevitable in the work of the friction and wear, and the temperature rise, therefore, generally applicable to medium and low speed under the condition of bearing seal. (1) felt ring seal Apply to the temperature less than 100 ? work environment. Felt ring oil dipping before installation, good sealing effect, after short term use, felt ring them into state without preloading post seal face namely; As friction, used only for the occasion of circumferential velocity is less than 4 m/s. (2) the packing sealing effect is good, its advantage is to bolt pressure, improve the sealing pressure, and can compensate for wear, but the friction is bigger, is suitable for low speed rotary motion. (3) oil seal (1) reserved type common seal Mainly to prevent lubricant overflow, allow the circumferential velocity is determined by sealing material, generally can be used to contact surface sliding speed is less than 10 m/s (journal for fine car) or less than 15 m/s (journal polishing). (2) double lip type oil seal can prevent spillage and dust intrusion lubricant, allowing the circumferential velocity is determined by sealing material, apply to normal speed with introversion type oil seal. (3) extrovert type ordinary oil seal is mainly to prevent dust intrusion, allow the circumferential velocity is determined by sealing material, applicable speed with introversion type normal oil seal. Sealing ring sealing ring (4) piston ring, placed in a ring groove of the sleeve (with axis rotation) and bearing cap (static) round hole, between the contact surface hardening treatment and polishing; Can only use a ring at the sealing requirement is not high, high available 2 ~ 4 ring; Sealing ring made of containing chromium wear-resistant cast iron, can be used in the sliding velocity is less than 100 m/s occasions; In the sliding speed is 60 ~ 80 m/s range, also can use sealing ring made of tin bronze. 2. The end face seal Contact seal is developing rapidly in recent years a seal structure. Commonly used floating end face seal mainly metal end face sealing gasket, oil seal device and self-lubricating material end face seal. (1) metal gasket sealing The lateral seal and seal the medial and lateral double sealing seal of special use galvanized strip steel stamping and into, vertical sealing lip and the sealing contact surfaces. (2) floating oil seal By floating seal, o-rings and float ring of three parts, the anti-pollution performance is good, the vibration, dynamic adaptability is strong, is not sensitive to dust, high pressure. (3) the self-lubricating material seal Seal material has the self-lubricating performance, low friction factor, suitable for working under high sliding speed.
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