Graduation Ceremony in the Philippines

Cebu, Philippines
March 20, 2014 6:56am CST
The moment that every student of different educational level have been waiting for, graduation. In the Philippines, graduation season starts on March up to April of the year. kindergarten pupil are most likely to march earlier as well as the college students. While elementary and high school students are expected to walk the aisle later or in the month of April. Whatever educational level, every graduate are happy to accomplish a great feat in their lives. This is the time when the goal has been achieved. Although it sounds like this is an end, it is actually a beginning of another chapter of a person's life. Graduation ceremony in the Philippines is structured accordingly, but dependent to every school style and culture. Every school has its own way of celebrating it. On the other hand, A simple flow is this. -Processional -Prayer -National Anthem -Opening Remarks -Actual Graduation Ceremony -Closing Remarks -Recessional This is the most common flow, with an added intermission entertainment and speeches. Plus, a popular graduation song. Popular graduation song in the Philippines during this ceremony are: 1. Kaleidoscope by Francis Magalona 2. Farewell by Raymond Lauchengco 3. Journey by Lea Salonga There are a lot more, but for Only Philippine Music. The three above are the most common song played before and until now.
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