Number Of Earth Species

Asaba, Nigeria
March 25, 2014 4:02am CST
There are impressive variety of life arises from numerous species on earth. They ranges from earth, air, and water. What do all of these shown? Find out. Teeming With life No one knows how many species there are on earth. Estimated vary from 2 million to 100 million. Earth: Just one hundred grams of soil has been found to host 10,000 species of bacteria, not to mention the total number of microbes. Some of these species have been found almost three kilometers underground. Air: In addition to the birds, bats and insects that fly through the air, the atmosphere is filled with pollen and other spores, as well as seeds and in certain areas, thousands of different kinds of microbes. The diversity of microbial life in the air and the diversity of microbes in the soil is just amazing. Water: The oceans remain largely a mystery because in order to study the watery deep, scientists often have ton use costly technology. Even the coral reefs, which are relatively accessible and are well survey, may host millions of yet unknown species. This is really impressive you may say. This are wonderfully made for earth sustainable productions.
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