Recipe: Prime Rib of beef cooked in pressure cooker with onions

Salvador, Brazil
March 25, 2014 3:46pm CST
INGREDIENTS 1 kg and 1/ 2 rack of whole ox 8 large onions sliced 4 bouillon tablet HOW TO PREPARE In a pressure cooker , cover the bottom with half of the onions and place the rack Then put the rest of the onion and finally the tablets of broth Cover the pan and cook When it starts boiling lower the heat and leave for 45 minutes Wait out the pressure , remove the rack and place on a serving dish , add the sauce over leftovers in the pot Tips If you want to prepare a larger amount of rib, just use 1 tablet of broth for each 350 g rib Taking care not to overfill the pan , since it may explode Note You do not need water for cooking, because the already loose enough water to cook onions Important not to put salt or other seasonings , the tablets are sufficient
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• Austin, Texas
5 Sep 15
So easy it cooks itself. Pressure cookers should be in everybody's kitchen. Don't have one now but used to when I first got married. Don't cook as much as I used to because most of my kids are grown and gone. Are you an aspiring chef? Or do you just like to cook?