Eight Ways to Motivate Your Team

Manila, Philippines
March 26, 2014 12:04am CST
Is your team stuck in a rut? Do they looked bored at work most of the time? There could be a dozen of explanations why your team behaves the way they do. Perhaps there are bubbling issues within the team that need to be addressed, or maybe they just lack the motivation to give their best. Motivation plays an important part in every organization. Without it, teams won’t be able to function properly and businesses will suffer eventually. Flat Planet believes that a motivated team drives a business forward. It keeps people inspired and dedicated. This is why we as an organization strives for a strong community built in trust and loyalty. We motivate our team by handing out recognitions for milestones reached. Monthly birthday celebrations are also done to promote camaraderie and familial solidarity. How can other businesses motivate their own team? How do you get them to be more engaged and active at work while keeping a harmonious working relationship? Here are helpful ways to get your team motivated and help them stay focused. Be generous with praise and recognition. Giving sincere compliments is always a sure-fire way to keep your team motivated. When their efforts at work are recognized and valued, chances are this would inspire them to be always at their best. When someone in your team has done an exceptional job, never hesitate to praise him. Recognizing his work in front of your team such as during staff meetings will let him know how you value his contribution. If the entire team achieves a milestone like surpassing a monthly goal, reward them with something that will remind them of their achievements. You can hand out certificates, treat them to dinner or create a Web page that highlights the team’s achievements. Offer constructive criticism. Don’t treat an employee’s mistake as a disgrace or a big let-down to the team. It’s never a good idea to focus on someone’s failure and set is as an example for the team to do better. This creates resentment within the team. Instead, provide constructive criticism that will encourage improvement. If a member is not particularly doing well at work, have a one-on-one talk with him and offer valuable advice. Share knowledge. Encourage your team to share their knowledge in their respective fields of expertise. This can happen during brainstorming sessions or staff meetings. They can share insider tips or new ideas they came up with that will help them accomplish their tasks. That way, members can learn from each other and utilize what they know to achieve a common goal. Of course as a leader, you also need to share what you know so that your team members can learn from you. Allow independence and enough autonomy. Just as parents eventually have to let go of their children when they grow up so they can be independent, so does a leader to his team. Once your team is properly trained and capable of doing their work with minimal supervision, give them enough space for independence. Let them make their own decisions about their work and trust their skills. Avoid micromanaging as this will not teach them to become independent. Letting them come up with their own strategies and solutions mean that you trust them enough with their work and they will appreciate you for this. Give credit to where it’s due. Recognize a member’s valuable contribution by giving him credit for his idea or output. Do not claim your team’s achievements as entirely your own. Instead, treat them as a collective effort of the team, with each member helping out in its success. Keep the team spirit alive. Encourage positivism within your team each and every day. It never pays to be a constant let-down of the team. You can organize team-building activities for your team as part of positive reinforcements, or hold celebratory parties for each milestone achieved. Birthday and employment anniversary celebrations also keep the team motivated and promote closer bonds. Here at Flat Planet, we keep our team spirit alive by holding viewing parties of sports events aside from the monthly celebrations we hold for the birthday celebrants. We also welcome new members of our team with warmth and generosity. Have an open door policy. Strengthen your working relationship with the team by having an open door policy. This means that any member can approach you for concerns they may have about his work or your approach in strategies. Hierarchies often hinder improvement and can cause a gap between you and your team. Being open and approachable means that you welcome and value other’s opinions. This also gives your team confidence in their work, thereby motivating them to improve and do better. Lead by example. Be a role model for your team. Cultivate a culture of integrity and honour. Your team won’t be motivated if they don’t trust you or see as you as someone who can lead the team towards the success of a business. At Flat Planet, for example, a culture of discipline and fairness is what fuels us in our quest for excellence. Our values of accountability and professionalism set by our leaders serve as a guide for all to always strive for the common good. Remember, having a harmonious relationship with your team requires patience and perseverance. And motivation is just one part of success of a group that acts as a linchpin in an organization. Going the extra mile for your team ensures stronger connections that will be helpful in achieving your business goals.
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@Jeffliu (26)
• Shanghai, China
28 Mar 14
In my opinion, the most important factors to motivate employees are trust, recognition and share. The company should let the employees conscious that they are important for the company, for the boss and give them a promising future.
@Bluedoll (17063)
• Canada
26 Mar 14
Good advice for anyone with a team.