How to reasonable value bearing lubrication

Nanjing, China
April 1, 2014 8:18pm CST
How better to lubrication bearing? Of mechanical technical worker all don't know how to use a lot of good bearing, some machinery factory machinery to use less than half a year just need to change a bearing, only a few years and some mechanical enterprises in a bearing, bearing too tired, why said that the service life of the bearing is different, why a good bearing, good quality bearings. In the end also not take long before? The answer is very simple, first condition, must pay attention to lubrication method, why need to attach importance to the bearing lubrication? Let me introduce you to the following about related knowledge introduction, hope will be helpful to you. Most users, are not very importance to import bearing lubrication, the idea is wrong, often leads to bearing is easy to bad bearing no good lubrication, so that the bearing life is too short. Below are the relevant knowledge about bearing including the following aspects: 1, the first is lubricated bearing parts, reduce the bearing friction and wear; 2, make the bearing rolling contact surface is often appropriate oil film formation, extend the fatigue life of bearing; 3, through the lubrication of bearings, reach the role of rust and dust. 4, through lubrication away bearing interior because of the heat generated by the friction or other reasons; Every aspect, we should pay attention to the importance of bearing, pay more attention to the importance of bearing lubrication, not to ignore it, improve the performance of bearings, reducing consumption, so that can improve product efficiency.
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2 Apr 14
You have some weird obsession with bearings..