Sickle Cell Complications, Treatments And Preventions

California City, California
April 3, 2014 7:19am CST
Complications: Complications occur as a result of blockage of tiny blood vessels break and red blood cells and early death, and these complications: Different strokes in the heart or brain. Increase of infection. Jaundice Formation of gallstones Disorders and loss of sight Growth retardation in children Treatment: The primary goal of the treatment of sickle cell anemia is to reduce the frequency of crises and emergency cases of emergency when the patient and reduce the incidence of complications and relieve pain and improve the patient's ability to cope with the disease. Needs a sickle cell anemia patient care continued to prevent the recurrence of complications and poor health status Given a sickle cell anemia patient folic acid pills to help the formation of red blood cells. During a crisis, when the patient is the treatment of pain associated with pain relievers and supply the patient's body fluids. For the treatment of pain may respond to some cases, the use of OTC pain relievers, while in other cases, you need to use a pain reliever with a stronger effect, such as morphine and other Almibreden and under medical supervision in hospital. Uses medication hydroxyl urea (Hydroxyurea) for some patients as prophylaxis to prevent crises, especially respiratory symptoms related to the mother of the chest and shortness of breath. Care should be taken to take the routine vaccines, especially for children with, as well as seasonal vaccines annually as a vaccine to prevent influenza infection. May be affected by the eye in patients with sickle cell anemia, complications may occur leading to loss of sight; therefore care should be taken to detect and follow-up on a regular basis with an eye doctor. Can bone marrow for the treatment of sickle cell anemia. Must resort to rest and avoid exposure to the pressures of daily life. Regular exercise can help you rest and reduce the chance of exposure to bouts of pain. Prevention of sickle cell disease: The obligation to carry out a comprehensive medical examination before marriage helps to reduce the transmission of disease, sickle cell anemia between generations; where medical tests show the possibility of a gene defect has infected women or men, especially those who do not show symptoms. See More Search Result By Program Fat Loss Factor Review's Author Charles Livingston:
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