Revealed:why people feel frustrated and not happy from their life."TIPS FOR A HAPPY LIFE AND EVENTUALLY HAPPY FAMILY"

New Delhi, India
April 5, 2014 4:34am CST
Why we feel frustrated despite having everything sometime.What is the reason behind the frustration? why we get irritated sometimes very easily and end up showing on our partner,girlfriend or wife. Well very truly and right said by ALBERT EINSTEIN "If u want to be happy don't attach yourself to a person or a thing,attach yourself to a goal" 5 mantra of life which can keep u lifetime happy and so Ur girlfriend and Ur family 1)NATURE OF JOB: Job which gives you HAPPINESS.Whatever we do should make us happy.happy. Happiness is spiritual not materialistic very important is to do a kind of job which is of our real interest rather then from the family interest or whatsoever.I am sure many of us might have been aspired for looking up our career is music,sports,IAS,IPS,photography or some or the other field but because of the family pressure we opted not to go for it.This is the one of the major reason contributing to our frustration.Focus should be on proceeding to a goal of our interest despite if we are getting a less pay for it.Ultimately it will make one happy and passionate about the nature of the work and one can work out of interest and not cohesion 2)PEACE:- has it ever happened with us that we get irritated seeing children playing or even pass without noticing a beautiful flower gloaming on the side of the road. I am sure the answer is YES.Even if we are making millions dollars of money a month and don't have time and peace to enjoy that,whats the point?PEACE OF MIND is very imp 3)SUCCESS: only successful person can give happiness to "OTHER".a frustrated person end up frustrating others 4)APPRECIATION:Do the work which bring the smile to other face and you are applauded for it.Do the work which you are best at,thus you will be able to deliver your best and be the reason for other and yours own happiness 5)TO GROW AS A HUMAN BEING: Try being a "HUMAN" having two feet,a well civilized human being.Help others,make other happy,live your life,Love,make friend,do all crazy stuff which makes you happy.WE have one life to live and man look good being isolated only is graveyard,not in real life :):). fly your dreams. CHERRRRRRRZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!
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