Does Beauty Matter?

United Kingdom
April 7, 2014 12:14pm CST
I've read an article in which was written that physical appearance can make a profound difference in a persons life. It starts right after birth, newborn infants who are independently rated as attractive tend to be hold more than unattractive babies. And this continues through childhood, adolesence and into adulthood. Attractive people are considered as more happier and more successful than unattractive people. So, whether we like it or not, we live in a society, which is highly influenced by media and advertising, research shows beauty matters. Do you agree with this statement?
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• Moradabad, India
7 Apr 14
Beauty attracts a lover but frightens a husband. Thanks.
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• Oxford, North Carolina
9 Apr 14
Yes I agree with this statement. However I have to say that I have met many people attractive on the outside but ugly on the inside. This will cancel out the beauty on the outside.
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• Vancouver, British Columbia
9 Apr 14
it is true, though i don't wanna admit that. i am idealistic of thinking everyone should be gifted equally, but physical appearance does play an important role of attraction.
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• United Kingdom
9 Apr 14
Yes, it does unfortunately.
• Beijing, China
10 Apr 14
In workplace,it's ture.Beautiful people will get more opportunities.
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@IAmemon (22)
• Hyderabad, Pakistan
9 Apr 14
Beauty sometimes deceives.Manners should be given preference to beauty.
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