Everybody were Born Original, We do Not have to Become the Clone of Someone Else.

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Everybody were Born Original, We do Not have to Become the Clone of Someone Else
Bangkok, Thailand
April 12, 2014 2:51am CST
We all come at a time in our life that we become obsessed from other people and want to be a spitting image of them. Almost everything what we hear about them is beholding our ears and eyes, it seems to be perfect and that has captivated us. Our thoughts about them is overflowing in the mind and everything what comes into us is positive, but is it the reality now or merely the simulacrum? Whether we are dissatisfied with our own life at that time, or was it so fascinating that we want to trade ourselves with others immediately. Because everything they do is successful and be respected by their superiors, even their behavior is something everyone is talking about and appreciate. But what is the reality and the secret behind all of it for any reason that we are so eager to exchange, we think this is forever or there is a change in limit? It’s often seems to be better than it is, and with the eyes closed , everything is the same, but walking in the shoes of another might not be able to enhances our life. So let’s just make do with what we have and go for the best of it. We can imitate anyone, but we will never be one hundred percent the same so let’s be unique and satisfied with what we have, and not become the clone of another, because that is a fake character. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen http://poems.easybranches.com/everybody-were-born-original-we-do-not-have-to-become-the-clone-of-someone-else.html
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• Bulgaria
12 Apr 14
@ vtrlolren We build their own prison. Hostages we are have become a consumer society, and life goes through us, ran as a handful of sand . And when there remain some real gold flakes, we realize how little had to be happy, and that these golden moments were actually always us ... but we're told will be happy tomorrow, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be like tomorrow, tomorrow ....