How to choose the best solitaire diamond ring for your engagement?

Delhi, India
April 12, 2014 5:32am CST
Solitaire diamond engagement ring is a spectacular piece of Fine Jewellery Singapore for the couples about to get engaged. A website of an individual but dazzling diamond gleaming with fire is exclusive to watch. They are women’s one amongst the most preferred rings. Diamonds, metals, engravings, settings, accents are a few of the great features of these rings. Some jewelry pieces are more famous than the others and seldom go out of trends. The diamond solitaire Engagement Ring Singapore falls in this category of the jewelry which women are very fond of. Here, we’ll discuss about the features of these superb rings. Solitaire diamond rings have only a single diamond that is solitaire on the top of the ring. Because there is a single precious stone, it doesn’t need to share its fire, brilliance and glitter with any other stone. It means that this stone looks more gorgeous due to its dominance and brilliance. As it’s the sole attraction, it gets noticed instantly. Solitaire Diamond engagement rings have now become the symbol of love in relationship between woman and her man. This is why most of the engagement rings are solitaire diamond rings. As a solitaire diamond ring consist one single diamond only, it is generally assumed that for obtaining a nice remarkable ring the diamond needs to be large enough. However, in a few cases small or medium sized diamond which is smoothly integrated within the ring also could be a wise option, as it underlines the ring's features, rather than receiving all attention and distracting viewers from metal itself. In addition, a medium sized diamond can appear prominent if it’s set in thin Wedding Band Singapore, resulting in a very delicate looking ring, suitable for slender finger. Although a solitaire diamond ring has single diamond, numerous settings still can be selected for ring's design. Prong setting is an extremely popular choice, wherein the number of prong can differ, and additionally bezel, tension and arched designs also could make a decent selection. Settings that are intended to integrate several stones, like channel settings wouldn't work well with single diamond. In process of choosing solitaire ring, the shape of diamond can make it unique. The most popular cut is round; however, there also are extensive varieties you can select from, like, pear, oval, emerald and marquise. These shapes extend the diamond and thus make it appear large than its real size. There also are round cut Diamonds Singapore, radiant cut diamonds, the princess cut diamonds, tear or pear -drop shape, and Escher shape. Before buying a solitaire diamond ring, ensure that diamond’s quality is up to the mark. Since you’ll be spending a huge amount of wealth on solitaire diamond engagement ring, your efforts must be completely focused on finding a stone which is perfect or just near perfect in clarity, carat, color and cut. Before buying from a store, you must ensure about the credibility of that store. You must also know that all the reputable and trustworthy jewelry stores give you certification from world’s top laboratories like IGI, AGL and GAI.
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