The Essence of a Family First Aid Kit

United States
April 14, 2014 8:28am CST
There are as many kinds of families as there are snowflakes on a winter’s day, and each is just as unique. When it’s time to assemble a first aid kit, however, they all need the same basic items. The exception to that are prescription drugs that family members need. Some families consist of just one person in a household, then there are couples, young, old and everything in between. Having a first aid kit in the home is very important for these people, in case of an occasional injury, illness or run-in with an allergen. Then there are the families with children. They are the ones who are most likely to use a first aid kit on a regular basis. Whether there is only one child or the house is bursting at the seams with them, skinned knees, bumped heads, twisted ankles and other assorted injuries can be an almost daily occurrence, sometimes several times a day. In the summer, along with injuries, there are numerous bugs to contend with, from wasps to ticks, along with poison ivy, poison oak, thorns and briars. Sunburn can be another reason to reach for the first aid kit. We’ve all been on the road enjoying a family vacation or stuck in a motel room on a business trip when suddenly a stomach virus or the food we had for dinner brings on a bad case of diarrhea. Opening your suitcase to find a first aid kit containing Pepto Bismol can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and an all nighter in the bathroom. In my opinion, a first aid kit should contain all the necessary supplies in case of illness as well as injury. When everything is in one container, it’s easy to take along the items you might need on a trip. Just take along the whole kit and you’ll be as prepared as possible for the unexpected. The items to be included in a first aid kit in order to really be prepared are: - Band-aids - Antibiotic ointment - Antiseptic spray - Gauze squares - Gauze roll - Medical tape - Antihistamine capsules - Tylenol - Motrin - Ace bandages - Aloe vera gel - Pepto Bismol - Any prescription meds that are taken by family members - Portable cold packs - Calamine lotion Learn more about being prepared for any emergency with the help of Critical Response Management.
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