Test of locomotive operation part bearing the crown chakra

Nanjing, China
April 15, 2014 8:10pm CST
Grms and Kv value in the whole bearing fault period as shown below, the change rule of the Kv in bearing fault early to rise, but rises to a certain height when bearing into destruction period, after the Kv value will fall and Grms always monotonically in the bearing fault period. Grms and Kv value changing with the running miles, therefore, in the process of the crown chakra detection can be achieved by interval before and after several times of test results, the Kv, Grms numerical comparison, roughly identified by bearing fault period, to determine the reasonable repairing time. After ruled out the possibility of abnormal vibration, decided to strip inspection. Bearing out of the car and found its outer ring raceway has formed 35 mm @ @ 20 mm 3 mm strip pit, roller bearings and inner sleeve have been severe, continue to use will cause serious accidents. From the same round of the crown chakra inspection around the axle box Original Bearings state parameter difference judgment, axle box is one of test parameters overrun, another axle box not overrun when in such situations, such as the parameter value in the tracking range can track detection, such as into the collapse range, through the precise diagnosis and analysis to determine whether a bearing failure frequency, axle box testing parameters are not overrun, but differs according to the testing data of the same parameter analysis and wheel bearing inspection situation, when the axle box about Kv value is large, often belong to the abnormal vibration. When the axle box around Grms difference is bigger, it should attach importance to it. When both sides is greater than 210 Grms can think that the existing bearing fault or defect, should pay close attention to. Because the vibration energy have bigger difference, even can eliminate its bearing fault, cause such big differences between the impact energy, can also be caused by a bearing assembly problem. Locomotive 1 line mileage to test the effects of parameters of the same type of locomotive, especially the DF11 short-range type locomotive line walk kilometers after more than 300000 km, is easy to appear when testing the crown chakra Grms transfinite phenomenon, at this time should be carefully check whether there is a fault frequency in the precision diagnosis. Because of locomotive operation after a long time, direction of matching between each components and parts abrasion itself cause bogie vibration is larger, could lead to reflect the vibration energy of the Grms overrun. If after inspect to be trouble-free frequency, adopts the method of track detection, detection of 12 times, such as parameter changed little, and have not found the failure frequency, to exclude bearing failure. Grms parameters vary. About mentioned in front of the axle box Grms differ big is bearing, a sign of failure, but sometimes, this kind of situation because line and round on the issue/problem of: because there are curve line, cause a shift of the locomotive wheel to head to the side, wheel axle box for the tilted additional impact on the quality of the larger and more, make the sensor under the impact of energy change, then the Grms. Wheel with shift phenomenon generally occurs in a curve track, in testing the wheel pair is especially clear in the curve couple position. In addition, 2, 5 rounds of such easily occur. To avoid this kind of situation usually may require the inspectors to check the wheel for jacking height at the same time, check tire and rail side clearance, when the gap on both sides of the gap is bigger, the crown chakra or train. Foundation height difference caused by the Grms, Kv on the high side. If at the side of the crown chakra detection in the process of the foundation and the height difference is bigger than the other side will directly result in axle box height deviation on both sides, usually cause on both sides of the Kv value increased. Therefore, if the visual can be seen on both sides of the testing of jacking height difference, should be adjusted again. Currently using the rationality of the crown chakra detection threshold method in software analysis and adjustment suggestion in the crown chakra detection software in current use, for all kinds of locomotive threshold.
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