Choose the appropriate exercise

Beijing, China
April 19, 2014 7:41pm CST
In order to achieve a healthy body, movement is essential. In order to get the best effect of exercise, avoid the harm, we should according to our own situation to choose different movement. The young boys could do some outdoor sports, exercise the muscles. Playing basketball or tennis with friends is a good choice. The most important purpose for young girls to exercise is to have strong bones, to prevent future osteoporosis, they can recommend skipping or practice step aerobics. The new supersedes the old slow, muscle loss, weight gain, middle aged body should choose low intensity activities to against the years like erosion jogging or climb . Remember before and after exercise to do stretching exercises, in order to prevent injury. At the age of over 50 years old, movement should be to improve the quality of life, fall prevention and improve psychological enduring ability, such as brisk walking, swimming, bicycle etc... They can do exercise three times a week, and half an hour every time. Have regular exercise can prevent heart disease and cancer. Selecting the appropriate exercise makes us happy every day.
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