Life is exercise

Beijing, China
April 19, 2014 7:59pm CST
There is a famous saying: "life lies on exercise, the first wealth is life!" Life is exercise, because exercise is beneficial to health, and there could be so much erudition about a matter how to exercise. Especially in big cities, the fast pace of life, and the competition is intense, people are busy with work, study, interpersonal, family affairs and so on. And with advanced traffic , people go out by cars, subway, light rail. In high-rise buildings, people choose elevator upstairs instead of walking. It's quite common for many people to neglect exercise on the importance of maintaining and promoting health. So, due to the lack of movement caused by the non health factors, the sub healthy state, a variety of diseases increasingly apparent. Therefore, to remind you of exercise on health is very necessary. Don't forget that the appropriate scientific movement, it can make our lives become healthy, beautiful, happiness, longevity, and away from the disease.
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