the american revolution

Vancouver, British Columbia
April 20, 2014 8:16pm CST
the american revolution was one of the stupidest things for them to do at the time. They had been given a fair government and most of them were risking their lives just for a "new start" this new start was only a few less taxes or more freedom but still the British army had control over almost all of the world and they had a giant army. The Americans had no chance against the whole army. In the turn of things 2/3 percent of the "Canadians" revolted but it is beyond me why the did because facing the facts they had no chance. Also the British had proved strong when defeating the french army and had 20 years to recover and all the proof the Americans had shown was failing to take over Quebec and losing the first battle against the British on white plains NY. In conclusion the American revolution had almost no point to it and it is beyond me how they won.
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