Talk about China football

Beijing, China
April 21, 2014 6:57am CST
Chinese football should grab from baby. China football to the world, but also toour great disappointment again and again. Think carefully, also not the team.Since the reform and opening up, especially before 2000, the domestic has been the football. At that time, as far as I know, in the campus, primary school, middle school and university are popular football. But now, mostly focus on academic,many schools have no attention to the students of contact opportunities enough.The reason for the current situation, I think the relationship and the system. But also led to the national physique gradually declined. Not long ago, Xi Jinping president once again put forward: "football should grab from baby". Although this is a good news, but the actual situation for Chinaspeaking, but not too realistic. I think if people do not change this learningsupreme idea, it is no use. Countries should also make people aware of the importance of the physique, health is the foundation of all. Thus, Chinese footballwill progress, the national elevation is hope.
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