Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phone Technology in a Business

April 21, 2014 8:29pm CST
In today's modern industrial and technological world the appropriate use of cell phone technology for business cannot be over stated. Business is about relationships between you and your customer base, suppliers and distributors. Communication is the cornerstone of relationships. Your salespeople cannot be left out in the cold in this regard, either. However, costs for maintaining the right cell phone technology can easily grow out of control. This is not so much due to abuses of the cell phones by your employees as it is the result of improper planning and the lack of foresight as to what these instruments of communication involve. Today's cell phones are capable of a great deal more than simple person-to-person conversation. With internet capacities, the ability to draw and write on the instrument, they can do a great deal more. But it is vital to consider the nature of the use they will be put to before investing a great deal of money into them. If the employee has no real business need to explore the internet, it would perhaps be prudent to look for cell phones with less sophistication. Cost savings are also at the heart of business, but on the other hand it does little good to get equipment that is inadequate for the tasks. One difficulty managers encounter frequently is due to the nature of cell phone plans. They appear in some cases to be designed to generate extra revenue for the company that sells them, with instructions as to plan rates and fees that are confusing or ambiguous, hidden fees, and extra fees for things like broadcast technology the consumer might take for granted. It is vital to do the homework necessary and the research needed to identify what the costs will actually be before you begin to equip your staff with cell phones and properly conduct business mobile management. However, they must be so equipped, or your business is likely to fall behind the crowd and get lost in the dust of your competition. Cell phone technology increases the speed with which deliverable can be made and orders taken, and thus it is essential for the modern day enterprise.
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