naruto manga

will naruto able to defeat madara
April 22, 2014 6:25am CST
t's hard to call this a setup chapter because quite a lot happened yet it still feels like a setup for the future, Madara is in his semi-ultimate form, Naruto and Sasuke have teamed up to bring him down, the rest of the shinobi alliance is still doing nothing, it's laying the ground work for the future. 1- I still believe Madara will get his second Rinnengan back somehow, that will be his final power-up since I am not sure he can beat the dynamic duo of Sasuke and Naruto. 2- Gai lives till the end of the manga, sure Naruto stated it but it also makes no story sense to kill him anymore I think. 3- Obito, Obito... still a somewhat conflicted character it seems though fundamentally a good guy for now, I think a part of him might still do something foolish just to get Rin back, it's pretty far-fetched though to suggest that. 4- Not yet the final fight of the manga, we still have Sasuke vs Naruto coming up and due to that I don't see Madara killing either of them, he might get someone else though, my money's on Gaara since he talked about " after the way" which makes him the most likely person to die in the war right no
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