High pressure water blasting: What is involved and how to get the right company

Sumter, South Carolina
April 25, 2014 11:38am CST
What is hydroblasting? Also known as high pressure water blasting this activity basically describes cleaning through the action of pressurized water. Water blasting capabilities are typically measured in psi [pounds per square inch. High-pressure water blasting operates at pressures above 10,000 psi or 10k. Ultra-high-pressure water blasting operates at water pressures from 25,000 psi up to 40,000 psi or 25k - 40k. Versatile 10k, 20k, and 40k water blasting reduces downtime for cleaning and removal of paint, oils, greases, process residue, and scale. Where sparks and ignition may cause risks from grinding or scraping, water blasting can do the cleaning job faster and safer. Water blasting equipment with 2-D and 3-D automated spin heads are also available effectively eliminating the inconvenience of confined space entry for tank cleaning. Services offering multi-capability crews which can handle several levels of cleaning with one visit to your facility are certainly the services to aim for. If a service uses the latest in safety technology (this could be inclusive of Turtle Suits and patented guards to assure safety while blasting), you are well advised to employ its services. This also goes for those firms with employees who are 10 hour OSHA (especially those with many with 40 hour HAZWOPER), First Aid and CPR certified. Learn more about a service’s water blasting safety measures by visiting its safety page. Bridge cleaning, cleanout of tubes from 3/16ths-inch to two-inch diameter, duct cleaning, condensers, evaporators, concrete surfaces, graffiti removal, and both the interior and exterior of tanks, railcars, and buildings, can be done rapidly and thoroughly with the various capacities of water blasters. The tip here is that a service should be well equipped to suit your job. Hydroblasting saves you costly downtime, equipment investment, and specialized training for your personnel. Being one of the most efficient ways to remove deposits products and waste, high pressure water blasting is by far one of the most solid cleaning means available. The following traits are synonymous with hydroblasting firms that are renowned for having an elevated level of seriousness in carrying out their clients assignments: hydro Lazing is offered – utilizing up to 40,000 psi working pressure to clean pipes with lengths up to 1,500 feet and 90-degree turns, as is automated Multi Lance Tube Cleaning, Automated Shell Side Cleaning, Precision Cold Cutting Remote Shot Gunning, 3-D Tower and Tank Cleaning, Explosion-Proof Camera (it remotely inspects pipes and tanks to locate troubled spots and identify cleaning needs) and IRIS/NDT Inspection Cleaning. Some applications require serious cleaning power and expertise. A service that has a large and diverse fleet of hydro-blasting equipment designed to safely and efficiently remove fouling and deposits from all types of equipment is ideal. These may include exchangers, towers and vessels, lines and sewers, and other contaminated surfaces. If the service is a recognized industry leader with a powerful combination of technology, skill, experience and safety record, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your equipment will be thoroughly cleaned. With the mystique surrounding high pressure water blasting flung out through the window, it now perhaps is time to contact a reputable company that is recognized for excellent services.
Thompson offers unmatched safety & efficiency in industrial cleaning. Services include 10K, 20K, & 40K PSI Hydroblasting for your most challenging jobs.
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