The NBA expands:The Playoffs, The Rockets and The Nba Draft

United States
April 28, 2014 10:21pm CST
This years playoffs are the best ever so far. There are some big surprises so far. The Rockets with Harden and Howard seem like they have under achieved. They need another point guard penetrator like a Wall or Teague someone to go with Harden and take the ball handling job away if remember him at OKC he played off the ball all the dribbling tires him out play him off the ball let another guard attack and dish unfortunately Beverly or Lin cant do that as effectively and consistently as needed and this off season The Rockets must put a priority on that. Trade Asik for rights to Marcus Smart. There some great upsets happening. Atlanta beating Indiana, Portland beating Houston, Washington dominating Chicago. But the champions in the end will Miami in the East and Oklahoma city in the west. But San Antonio may have something to say. But OKC is still my pick to win it all people must understand how good Memphis was. Miami looks to still win in the East Indiana still may have something to say. The top seven in the NBA draft should be Milwaukee who could trade their top pick to the Rockets for Asik and Lin. The Rockets will trade that pick to the Lakers for their first pick and Xavier Henry .The Lakers with the first pick will take Jabari Parker 1 . But that probably wont happen. Milwaukee will choose 1 and take Jabari Parker Philadelphia will choose Andrew Wiggins 2 , Orlando will choose Julius Randle 3, Utah will choose Joel Embie 4, Sacremento will choose Nate Exum, Austrailia 5, Rockets will choose Marcus Smart 6, Cleveland will choose Aaron Gordon Arizona 7. This years draft will be filled with players who can help a ball club but with only thirty teams many good players will be left out. The new rule coming of two years in college may help balance things out more. But the coming future of the NBA will include 6 new teams and introducing an international flair. A team from London will join the Knicks, Celtics, 76ers and the Nets in the Atlantic with Washington joining them. Teams from Louisville and Tampa Bay will replace the Wizards in the Southeast. Toronto will move into the Central Division. In the west Seattle will rejoin the NBA in the Northwest along with a new team in Iowa. Oklahoma City will move to the Southwest battling the teams from Texas, New Orleans, and Memphis. Lastly, Mexico will field a team in the Pacific division. The NBA game will continue to flourish and grow as more international players and teams come in. These are my predictions
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