Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
April 29, 2014 2:51am CST
Indonesia is a rich country . The potential is extraordinary natural wealth , natural resources both biological and non biological . It is conceivable , ranging from the natural wealth of marine resources , land , land and other property contained in this beloved Indonesia may not be counted . When viewed geographically , from Sabang to Merauke , lies not a little island in Indonesia . With a large island , started the island of Java , Sumatra , Kalimantan , Sulawesi and Irian Jaya . But besides that , there are also thousands of Indonesian islands surrounding nature . Therefore , Indonesia is an archipelago that has enormous natural wealth . To my knowledge , when viewed from the perspective of geology , Indonesia is in a state of tectonic plates . Not a few good mountain mountain is still active and which are inactive filling Indonesia's natural wealth . Because , a lot of mineral wealth contained therein . The mountain section of the city known as the porch of Mecca , Aceh to Merauke . Starting from row mountains in Sumatra to Merauke in the mountains of New Guinea island . Therefore , Indonesia's natural texture with many mountains will contribute very abundant natural resources , particularly mineral wealth . Indonesia generally has two seasons, dry and rainy seasons . In particular , during the rainy season , Indonesia is a country that has a fairly high rainfall . So , in astronomy , the earth provides many benefits for Indonesia . One of these plants can thrive and multiply rapidly . Therefore , Indonesia has various types of plants that also provide great participation of our natural heritage . Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are the two great oceans that surround the Indonesian archipelago . Indonesian regions that are major water areas also provide a great share of the natural wealth of Indonesia anyway . Of course , we can not count the number of such abundant wealth . In addition , the sea also decorate Indonesian nature . Natural resources contained therein . Among them , the natural resources of animal and vegetable and mineral . Variety of marine life , particularly fish with a variety of types and sizes adorn the marine wealth . Seaweed is one example of a plant-based natural resources . Other than that , the wealth of Indonesia is not just limited to its biological richness , but also non- biological . Various minerals contained in the bowels of the Earth Indonesia . Among them , petroleum , coal , natural gas , and so on . However , a variety of the mineral is a natural resource that can not be updated . The natural wealth is for all the people of Indonesia . In the exploration of natural resources both natural resources and non- biological not cause environmental damage . For example, in deep-sea fishing should not use explosive bombs because not only damage the environment , but will also destroy other marine life . Therefore , the need to preserve the environment for exploring the preservation of natural resources . Google Terjemahan untuk Bisnis:Perangkat PenerjemahPenerjemah Situs WebPeluang Pasar Global
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