Top 3 Reasons for the Common Disdain of Wireless Companies

May 2, 2014 2:33am CST
The number one most used device in the world is the cellphone. We all love our phones, gasping in horror at the thought of going a second without. However, surprisingly, we do not feel that same bond with the wireless providers. Just think of every time you have an issue with your service. Wouldn't you just about rather jump off a cliff than call the operator? Why is it that we feel so strongly against the companies that connect us with our beloved devices? Let's take a look at the top 3 reasons for the common disdain of wireless companies. 1. Horrible Customer Service. Most wireless companies offer nothing more than slow, cut-corner service. Any concerns you may have will be shrugged off with an ingenuous apology, followed by an erroneous explanation of why the issue is actually legitimate. Most likely, your issue will not be solved. 2. Outlandish Prices. The price you get when you sign that contract may sound pleasant; however, go over your coverage by one minute and the overage fee will be a hard pill to swallow. With some companies, the initial price alone is almost too much to bear. Especially those companies that charge you the "set" price for unlimited, but once you use a certain amount of data you find it isn't unlimited at all. Call the service center and you'll only be directed to that nice fine print outlining the terms that your "unlimited" data is utilized at a highly efficient speed for only a certain usage amount, and then it drops to a barely sluggish speed. Anything more will come at a much higher fee. 3. Suffocating Contracts. The last reason why we hate our cell phone company is that controlling, prison sentence of a contract we had to sign to get the phone. All you want is a nice quality cell phone, but to get one to commit yourself to at least a 2-year relationship. Not only that but you can't even get a new phone for the first year. You have to hope the phone you choose first is the best choice for you because even though you're the one paying for it, you can't change your mind later. Better hope you love your wireless provider, because breaking up with this partner will only cause further harassment and credit destruction. In summary, we hate our cell phone companies because they reel us in, treat us like crap, lock us down, and then break us. So, if you’re tired of dealing with your cell phone company, then it’s time you check out Linq Services and how they help businesses manage their mobile plans. Linq Services helps people establish a flat rate and never deal with horrible customer service again.
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