Back To The Ancient

May 3, 2014 8:17am CST
The Chinese traditional culture include: the ancient prose, poem, ci, qu and fu, folk music, folk drama, folk srt, Chinese painting, calligraphy, couplelt, lantern riddle, fu, drinker’s wager game, xie houyun idioms, ect. Not only the history of China, but also architecture and culture of China which are of long history. In the modern society whether we ignore such a culture which is belong to our own culture, whether we forget such a culture heritage or not. Back to ancient times, it lets us remember our own culture, the culture heritage as the wheel of history, the history is painted the beautiful and forever colour in the drawing of the history. “Back to the ancient” which tells us to remember the history that belongs to our owns, we engrave our history on our mind and let the culture Pass from one generation to another.
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