May 4, 2014 8:33pm CST
Being poor were visible in their faces. Wrinkles are a sign of struggle for survival. Their desire to uplift their living condition is only but a dream. They have a separate world. They labored most of the time for their existence. They don't have much material wealth but they have limbs and muscles used to work hard and live not in abundance but in poverty. There was fear and worries how to look for their next meal. It is pity seeing them. They don't have any insecurity of what they are doing pushing cart loaded with empty cartons, bottles, plastic, metals hoping a full load of junks are bought a few dollars to sustain them for the next trip of finding another junk materials. Their clothes were torn and even dirty. They did not comb their hair. They lived in a simple life full of dream, ambition and hope. They lack of everything but they have pride and dignity they can share to others. They wanted to be released from this cage, the hardship of earning a living. Their future is bleak. Only few are given the chance to have the opportunity to earn more. They become rich and powerful. They have the money and everything. This abundance change the way they talk and act because their way of life now are different. Money is not a problem. Their only problem is how to spend more when their wealth was increasing every day. To them money is a symbol of prosperity and power. Their lives are secured all throughout eternity because they have so much. Being poor still have the chance to survive, trained to live the harshness of the environment. They learned to cope whatever small blessings they have. They worked without rest. They used courage and their will to survive. They used their muscles to win the battle against unseen foe, poverty. Despite their hardship they can still smile, head high, looking to a far distance, thinking and satisfied. They managed their worries. They have no money power but they have power of muscles to go against the test. They do sharing, binding and working together in time of struggle and in time of peace. They have pride even being poor, how to live a simple man.
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