Help the old people

May 6, 2014 11:43pm CST
Frankly speaking, in contemporary China, volunteer is not quite prevailing or in a embarrased situation attributing to the misunderstanding among the crow. What's worse, the minority of people treat it as a useless and meaningless career in the world. In fact, there is of great essenciality to correct the wrong opinion in volunteer and advocate the volunteer career. As follows, I will list some advantages of volunteer. First of all, volunteer play quite vital a role in our sociaty. Taking Beijing Olympic Game for example, there is no doubt that volunteer is a bridge between Chinese and volunteer, they help to translate for native sellers, keep the activity and traffic in order and so on.Moreover, volunteer is the pioneer when faced with the catastrophe. In the wenchuan earthquake, indisputably, volunteer lend a hand to the victime in the first moment. From my own perspective, volunteer is the most sacred career in this world, we should feel pround of that we are volunteers. they not only gave us life but have done much to bringing us up. It is against conscience to escape from the responsibility to take care of our parents. Rather,we should pay back for the love and care of our parents by making their later years happy and enjoyable.
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