Help disable people

May 6, 2014 11:45pm CST
Although the medicine science is well develped nowadays, there are still many disabled people living around us. their disability makes them live in a different way from ours, but they're also a important part of our society. so it is our responsibilities to help them. First, we should treat as normal people. many people think, as they have many troubles in their daily life, we should help them to do everything ,as if they were child. in my opinion, that's quite wrong. that will be another kind of discrimination. we should have confidence in them and teach them to live like people around them. Second, helping the disabled should not be only a empty talk, it should be done from little things. for example, we can tell some stories to the blind child to let them know there are still many hope in their life. we can draw beautiful pictures to deaf people to let them feel the beauty of the world. we can help friends in the wheelchair go around to let them see the scenery like us... you may think that's too small things but that's very important to those disabled people. it may be easy to do such things for once, twice... but if you do them for years? After all, we can call on people all around us to help the disabled. if the world become filled with love, the disabled will finally start to enjoy their lives.
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