How to take care of the disabled people?

May 7, 2014 12:07am CST
aking care of the disabled people Disabled people are normal people, except that they can not see as much as we can, or they can not walk as fast as we can.So they need to our help. We should not look down upon them.We can immediately do a long list of ways in which we can help them, for instance, Each student finds some one to help,when they go out,we can help them to cross the road. You can help pushing their wheel chairs.Set up kind of organization. Collect some money. Use this money to help them, to buy them daily necessities, to help their children finish school. We can make friends with the disabled by visiting them, by calling them, by emailing them, by whatever means. As they are disabled, they feel lonely. They think they are not as good as normal people. They easily become lonely, sad, disappointed. They easily lose hope of life. They need help more in spiritual things. They need people to chat with. They need people to encourage them to continue their lives. They need people to get rid of prejudices over them. So, help the disabled while you treat them like normal people. And they are normal people!
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