How to prepare for an interactive meeting?

Fuzhou, China
May 7, 2014 8:51pm CST
Step into any meeting space and you’re sure to see a few familiar things: a conference table, a projector and some kind of infrared interactive whiteboard or projector screen. Although these spaces may not look any different than they ever have, the A/V equipment in these rooms is increasingly becoming interactive. Presentations are now a two-way form of communication between the presenter and participants. Interactive whiteboards, projectors, touch screen flat panels and tablets are becoming part of the presentation allowing the user to annotate over live images and video as well as manipulate data displayed on the screen with the swipe of a finger. Meeting participants are no longer passive observers. Using tablets or response devices they too can interact with the presentation as it unfolds. When it comes to capacitive interactive whiteboard presentation systems the end user has a number of options. There are interactive whiteboards that can be installed in any meeting room, classroom or conference space. Another option is an interactive LCD or plasma flat panel display. These displays typically connect to a computer so users can pull content onto the screen annotating directly over images, video and text. Most Interactive Displays now feature multi-touch technology, which means the display can recognize two or more areas of contact with the screen. This allows multiple people to collaborate on the display at the same time. Often when we think of interactivity, we think of touch technology or touch displays. There are four different ways touch capability is achieved: resistive, capacitive, surface acoustic wave (SAW) and Infrared. There are pros and cons to each technology and what it means for the type of interactive display you choose. more: Purchasing any type of interactive presentation system can be a daunting task. Whether you choose an interactive whiteboard, projector or flat panel we’ve some tips from your peers and industry experts to help you out.
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