Run the test joint bearing installed pay attention to the problem

Nanjing, China
May 12, 2014 8:18pm CST
When installing a bearing to be carried out in accordance with the operation standard, otherwise it will cause a lot of problems, such as installing a way or method is undeserved, can cause import bearing raceway surface and rolling surface of bearing appear linear scars. The installation of joint bearing directly affects the use of precision, bearing life and performance. Bearing appeared during the installation process is the main reason of the scar: imported bearing inner ring and outer ring during installation, remove the tilt; Or is in the process of installation and disassembly of shock load, resulting in bearing a scar. In order to prevent joint bearing wounds during installation, in addition to install or remove the process of using appropriate tools, use the punching machine to prevent the impact on the bearing load, and also note the mutual centering during installation. In order to avoid the bearing in the operation process, lead to equipment downtime, loss. Therefore, dealing with bearing completes the monitoring work. To do a good job in terms of bearing lubrication. Get good lubrication, if the bearing and the correct cut off impurities and moisture, the oil seal "bian should not wear. Of course, the best when open the bearing box, check the import bearings and periodically check the oil seal. Check of the condition of the near the bearing oil seal, make sure they are enough to prevent the hot liquid, corrosion along the axis of the liquid or gas entering into joint bearing, if oil seal was worn, it should be replaced as soon as possible. When the bearing is in abnormal situation, usually manifested by high temperature. High temperature inside the bearing lubricant is harmful, and may also be a problem of lubricant joint bearing overheating. If the bearing in the long run of more than 125 degrees Celsius temperature, will shorten the service life of imported bearings. Therefore, to pay attention to the problem of bearing the high temperature. The cause of bearing temperature include: insufficient lubrication or excessive lubrication; Lubricant contains magazines; Too much load; Joint bearing damage; Such as high temperature friction and oil seal clearance.
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