Peshawar, Pakistan
May 12, 2014 11:37pm CST
A 500,000 square mile area between MIAMI PUERTO, RICO and BERMUDA.Hundreds have disappeared here since 1918.The term BERMUDA TRIANGLE was coined by a magazine in 1964 probably because Bermuda is at the apex of this triangular area.Charles Berlitz wrote a book about it.He thought that the legendery lost island of Atlantis was real and is somehow responsible for the mysterious disapperances from the coast of Florida.over many years many people have offered many explanation for this mystery .Some writers were of the same view like that of Berlitz that the mythical city may Lie at the bottom of the sea an be using its crystal energies to sink ships and planes,while some thought that there might be underwater alien bases and some think that the explanation lies in some sort of geological phenomena The bad reputation of Bermuda triangle can be traced back too Columbus time,on 8 october 1492 Columbus looked as his compass and noticed that it was giving weird readings ,this he didn't told his crew because having a compass which does not points to magnetic north can make the crew panic.this was a very good idea because a few days later Columbus spotted a strange light but instead of going there the crew threatened him to go back to Spain.This island is also known as DEVILS ISLAND another important fact about this Bermuda triangle is that in this area the magnetic compass does not points to true north but is reversed This mystery is still unsolved
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