How to Maintain Healthy Kidneys

Mumbai, India
May 14, 2014 1:08am CST
Having healthy kidneys is extremely important whether you are young or old, even more so when you get older. Kidneys are important for your body to function and you should strive to keep them healthy as you would any other organ in your body. 1. Stop unhealthy habits. This includes smoking, drinking, and medication. 2. Have a healthy diet. Eating healthy is important not just for your kidneys, but for your heart, lungs, brain and other organs as well. Read make a healthy diet plan for more information. You should eat: Fruit - oranges, bananas, apples Vegetables - carrots, lettuce, broccoli, peas Fish - tuna, brim, snapper Meat - but not a lot, keep the serving to roughly the size of your palm 3. Maintain your body weight. Check your BMI and if you are overweight then lose weight. Your body will thank you in return. 4. Monitor your sugar intake. Find out how much sugar your age averagely intakes and try to aim to keep it in that range. You can have sugary foods but keep it in moderation. 5. Exercise. Exercising will keep your blood flowing and your kidneys healthy. Have an exercise plan and follow it. Consider writing down reminders and setting goals to help motivate you to exercise. Read More@
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