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HTML to Wordpress
Delhi, India
May 14, 2014 5:50am CST
Getting an edge in today’s cutthroat cyberspace has emboldened businesses to expand their wings across the world. Once regarded as just a blogging tool, WordPress has now become a full fledged reliable content management system (CMS) for professional developers and agencies, used on millions of sites. Lot of people still think WordPress as a tool for amateurs and hobbyists. It is no longer just a blogging tool, as there are brilliant examples of WordPress websites like: Toronto Standard Behind the design of this redesigned Toronto Standard website, the hand of renowned digital creative agency was there. The websites' fresh design provides an ultimate experience to the news readers. On the backend, the entire site runs on WordPress so there's not a complex proprietary system for contributors to learn." Girl With a Camera This website is a photo site, which is also designed using WordPress. Due to the extensive feature like customization and more flexibility, the website developer is proud of the way that each post's layout and background color can be changed to best suit the content. CIrca With hotel and restaurant websites, it is easy to fall into the trap of bathing your site with stunning images and WordPress offers all kinds of plugins and widgets to let you go gourmets. Ghosthorses Ghosthorses keeps it ingenious with colors and still makes sure you you turn around (navigate back to it after you switch to the other windows) just to catch the glimpse one more time. Whereas in this website the WordPress widgets do not make it to the front because of its unique theme. Design The Planet This marketing agency website hardly offers a hint that its owner used WordPress for developing it. The whole layout is atypical of a WordPress site and the way it displays the content and other information doesn’t resemble to other WordPress sites. Blue Lounge The developers of this website have totally gone berserk with their creativity and madness for the site. This website is incredible and combines great responsiveness with fast loading times. Final Words It's important for an E-commerce website developed on WordPress not to look like a WordPress enabled portal. Not only the home page, but when you navigate more, you realize that the website contains no pages or posts that give any WordPress like appearance. While there are widgets on the footer, there are a lot of improvisations too. Moreover, to opt for Transforming HTML website to WordPress - A reliable CMS. The reason that prompted this big switch can be attributed to the ease that WordPress provides to business owners to make minor updates to their website even without technical expertise. Whereas, WordPress is an open source web content management system, which is apt for making sites quickly. An ultra modern CMS with felicitous features to support advanced online marketing campaigns and variegated custom plugins. A professional developer having familiarity with conversion of HTML to WordPress can help you maintain such consistency. Therefore, it will help you to expand your brand image among the visitors and existing customers. http://www.markupcloud.com/services/html-to-wordpress
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