Pc Vs Consoles

Karachi, Pakistan
May 16, 2014 1:11am CST
Hi Friends Pc Vs Consoles Who Is Better For Gaming,Videos Entertainment
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@Hanyouyomi (1948)
• Dallas, Texas
10 Jul 16
I prefer both, though honestly with the kind of libraries avilable. Though given some of the fighting games available for PC, I'mma need to get used to button mashing a mouse and keyboard. :p
• Hyderabad, India
30 Apr 15
for me its PC becuase of the great graphics! console is also good as games are released first at consoles. PC need expensive softwares to play high graphic games but Pc is still the better option.
• United States
17 Mar 15
Considering PC can do everything a console can + more. Its hard to even try an argue that consoles are better. The only downside is that there is a huge price difference from a top of the line PC to a console. Which would really be your only solid argument.
• Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
23 Jun 14
definitely PC is better than any other console out there. with a good graphic card and a average processor you can play almost anything, in others words PC for me is the best.
@Rikamaru (73)
• Louisville, Kentucky
18 May 14
For me it's PC because you can do all sorts of neat stuff on it and you can game on it! I still keep my wii U handy though for entertainment. Consoles are getting smarter now so I wouldn't be surprised if they'll be able to do some of the things computers do, they can even browse the internet which is awesome!! :D
• Dubai, United Arab Emirates
16 May 14
Really, it depends on your personal opinion. For gaming, PCs have better performance and graphics than consoles but it is generally more expensive. Also, some people like to just lie on the couch and play on consoles with friends. For videos and entertainment, PC is obviously better since unlike consoles, PC are meant to do things other than gaming.