Self-aligning ball bearing raceway noise cause analysis

Nanjing, China
May 19, 2014 8:26pm CST
Race is due to the ina rolling element bearing rotates in raceway rolling and inspire a smooth and continuous noise, only when the sound pressure level or tone great concern. Actually raceway sparked by the sound of sound energy is limited, such as in normal circumstances, the high quality sound self-aligning ball bearing raceway is 25 ~ 27 db. This kind of noise to bear radial load NSK Bearing as the most typical, it has the following features: A. the randomness of noise and vibration; B. vibration frequency above 1 KHZ; C. no matter how change speed, the main frequency noise almost unchanged while the sound pressure level increase with the increase of rotational speed; D. when the radial clearance increases, the sound pressure level increased dramatically; E. bearing stiffness increases, the lower the total sound pressure level, even if the speed increases, the total sound pressure level increases; F. lubricant viscosity is higher, the lower the sound pressure level, but for grease lubrication, the viscosity, the shape of soap fiber size can influence the noise value. Raceway acoustic source lies in the inherent vibration caused by ring after exposure to the load. Because of the ring and rolling body elastic contact nonlinear vibration system. When lubrication or the machining accuracy is not high will stimulate the related to the elastic characteristics of natural vibration and passed to the was noise in the air. As is known to all, even if is to use the contemporary the most advanced manufacturing technology and processing ina bearing parts, there will always be the working surface of varying degrees of tiny geometric error, thus make the raceway and rolling body produces slight fluctuations inherent vibration excitation vibration system. Although the self-aligning ball bearing raceway noise is inevitable, but can take work surface precision machining parts, the correct selection of bearing and precise use of bearing noise vibration reduction. Bearing state of burn injury refers to: the bearing raceway wheel, roller and cage in the rotation sharply fever until discoloration, softening, deposition and damaged. The main cause of ina bearings burns is due to the bad lubrication bearing, may use the informal lubricant, or lubricant too much, too little, is not correct. Second is probably too big load (preloading is too large). Speed is too large. Clearance is too small. With water or other foreign matter invasion. If the above two cases are not the shaft, the accuracy of bearing box, shaft deflection. See here, I think everyone wants to know the solution, first of all, to study lubricants and lubrication method, choose the right bearing lubricant, and its dosage, and to correct the self-aligning ball bearing. Study to cooperate, bearing clearance, and preloading, and improve the sealing device. Check the shaft and the precision of the bearing housing. Of course, if you have any experts beside you, let him follow you learn the best operation Suggestions on ina bearings when using, pay attention to the installation, lubrication, to achieve accurate as far as possible clearance and so on each link, in place
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