Doctor-to-Doctor Letters Boost Clinical Trials Marketing

Chapin, South Carolina
May 20, 2014 4:56am CST
As you consider the many different options for clinical trials marketing, it is easy to get confused. Which ones are most effective today? Which ones used to be great ideas, but are no longer relevant? One of the most powerful tools you can incorporate into your recruitment campaign is the doctor-to-doctor letter. This mailer connects your site to the local medical community and generates great contacts with little expense or effort on your part. How Doctors Can Help Privacy concerns prevent doctors from handing you mailing lists compiled from their patient databases. But if you notify doctors of a research study concentrating on high cholesterol, they can pass that information on to their patients and suggest that they participate. The best way for you to get this information to doctors is through the use of a doctor-to-doctor letter, personalized and professionally mailed in a sealed envelope. This official format ensures that your message won’t be mistaken for junk mail. If creating this clinical trials marketing letter sounds like a lot of work, don’t be discouraged! At Clinical List America, we specialize in designing customized letterheads that clearly display your site’s name, logo, and contact information. After we have mailed your notification to local doctors, we also offer follow-up mailers. These are most often in the form of a postcard, reminding doctors about the letter they received and requesting once again that they tell patients about your upcoming study. Finding Qualified Volunteers—Made Easy Clinical trials marketing becomes very focused and effective when doctors agree to become part of the process. That’s because a doctor is in the very best position to anticipate whether a patient may be eligible for your study. An individual with high cholesterol, for example, may be interested in participating but not realize that the medication he is currently taking disqualifies him. His doctor has both the information and the expertise necessary to determine initial eligibility and choose whether or not to send the patient to you. The patients that a doctor sends your way are very likely to be great candidates, reducing the time you spend interviewing volunteers who do not qualify. Other Marketing Ideas Doctors can help with other clinical trials marketing efforts as well. Many doctors are happy to place an informational brochure about your site in their offices, giving you great exposure to patients that may be interested in future research trials. The more established your relationship is with those in the local medical community, the more quickly you will be able to recruit your volunteer quota when a new study begins. Clinical List America is available to help you design and mail letters, follow-up postcards, brochures, and other important marketing products. Ask us about how we can handle your next clinical trials marketing campaign for you, relieving you of a huge burden and getting high quality mailers to your local doctors. We also specialize in direct mail to potential volunteers, providing high value mailing lists for your geographic area. From sealed privacy mailers to oversized postcards, we have a solution for your campaign.
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