Spray Foam Insulation: What Difference Does it Make?

, Ohio
May 20, 2014 10:38am CST
Spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF) is a mixture that is put together and sprayed on the interior of walls during construction to prevent moisture and mold from entering in to a dwelling. It is a continual lining that is applied to ceilings, roofs, walls, and corners helping maintain structure for several years. It is also a better alternative to fiberglass insulation, which is heavier in weight and not as energy efficient. Spray foam insulation for soundproofing is beneficial in commercial buildings because it’s a lightweight "plastic" that is applied, and once dried hardens into foam. This process allows for commercial buildings that are oddly shaped, or buildings that have available space for more than one business, to eliminate disruption of unwanted "flanking" or "airborne" noises. Airborne noises are those that we may here in apartment buildings with thin walls. Televisions, stereos, radios, and even conversations are just a few examples of airborne noises. Flanking noises are those that come from within the walls. Two examples of flanking noises are toilets flushing and running water. Both types of noises are preventable with spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation in commercial buildings is vital to the productivity and provides a sense of "comfort" and "security". Think about it. You go and visit a lawyer or a doctor who practices in a commercial building with other colleagues. The things discussed within those four walls are presumed confidential and discreet. Imagine going to visit your physician and the secretary in the lobby hears of your diagnosis? If you are meeting with your attorney on a personal matter do you want the passer by to hear that you have a pending felony? These are the things that we take for granted in everyday living but without spray foam insulation these things could jeopardize our privacy as well as send the energy use in the building sky high! That in turn affects the consumer, you, because when rates go up, prices for goods and services go up, and it indirectly affects our pockets. By using spray foam insulation we ensure both low costs in energy and greater knowledge that our privacy is being kept private.
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