Follow These Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery Tips and Get Longer Battery Life

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Dallas, Texas
May 22, 2014 9:54pm CST
Product URL : Laptop is one of those tools that you always adore and you love to carry with you all the time. But you can use it as long as you have the battery in your laptop and that’s why it is necessary that you follow few simple tips so you can get a longer life from your Dell Inspiron 1545 battery and these tips are shared below for you so you can get help in it. Plug it when possible: In order to use your laptop on battery for a long time, it is necessary that you always keep you your laptop battery full. So, when you are next to a power source and it is possible for you to connect your Dell adapter with power source and you connect it with your laptop as well. Also, if you have any concern about over charging, then you can stop worrying about it because laptop battery stop charging once it is completely charged. Reduce the screen brightness: When you use your laptop on battery, then its screen can consume the maximum battery from your laptop. Therefore, when you disconnect you laptop with power adapter, then you can simply reduce the screen brightness of your laptop. And when you will reduce the screen brightness, then you will be able to get long battery. Remove unwanted devices: For saving your battery for Dell Inspiron 1545 it is strongly recommended that you remove all the unwanted deices from your laptop. So, if you use USB mouse, USB flash drive or other USB devices with your laptop, then remove those devices because these USB devices consume a lot of electricity from your laptop. Disable unused apps: Many people may not believe on this fact that if you will run a lot of apps, then these additional apps can also consume battery from your laptop. That means if you wish to save the battery for Dell Inspiron 1545, then make sure you track all those applications that consume a lot of resource from your laptop. And when you will terminate these applications, then it will automatically give you much better battery life. In addition to all these things it is also important that when you connect you Dell Inspiron 1545 adapter with your laptop, then you verify that it is charging your laptop battery. Else you will keep draining your laptop battery and you will not have juice in it when you will actually need it.
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