Outsourcing and Internet Businesses as Part of Global Business Game

May 23, 2014 4:40am CST
Timothy Ferriss published the original edition of Four Hour Work Week in 2007. Since then, the idea of remote, global teams is more than just a rarity, but a fact of business life. More businesses, of every size and stripe, outsource now with the global efficiency provided with the greatest number of services. India, China, Iran, Pakistan, and the Philippines are just a few of the well-popularized countries where inexpensive help for the UK and American businesses in many disciplines. Even those not outsourcing to lower cost of living countries are in the global business game. Large corporations have entire tasks forces for globalization, from the call center in another country that handles off-hour customer support to companies taking their products to other countries to increase their sales to similar, yet national, markets. The smaller, internet-focused businesses are what seem more close to home for most people. While the bigger businesses do touch the lives of many people, the smaller internet businesses are those that are much more literally close to home for most people. Quite literally in fact, as many people supplement their incomes and make use of their talents and skills by running internet-only international businesses. When 20 years ago a graphic designer that wanted to go freelance would have to stick to agencies hiring in his area and the businesses in town that needed help with their marketing collateral, an internet business graphic designer will use bidding sites, make contacts across the globe with their website, and participate in global social media daily. These internet businesses are just as likely to work with their neighboring business as they are to work with a company thousands of miles and a few oceans away. The changes in technology, widespread availability and greater speed of internet, and a constant need to be efficient earners fuels these businesses. That is, internet businesses usually require much less start-up money and other resources and can get going rather quickly, sans the long meetings of wining and dining potential clients. That means our example graphic designer could hire an assistant to make images transparent and to organize his client files and this person would work on his team, across the globe. This is how much of business is done today, at an increasing rate, because of shifting technology. However, with increased mobile communication comes the headache of managing mobile communication accounts. People hate dealing with mobile companies, and for good reason. Yet Linq Services takes those headaches away by managing mobile accounts for other businesses. Yes, this service exists, and helps businesses get more done without any headaches.
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