Detailed Information of the Toshiba PA-1650-21 Power Supply

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May 26, 2014 4:09am CST
The power supply tools for computers go through a lot of knocks and are the ones that need the fastest replacement even when covered by warranties. The adapter for example is going to be exposed to falls and power surges and other knocks that will affect its lifespan. The Toshiba PA-1650-21 AC adapter is compatible with a lot of laptops as they can be used with the entire Toshiba Satellite series. This means that once your Toshiba Satellite AC adapter gives out the Toshiba adapter can fill the vacuum left without exposing your computer to any risk. Adapter Specifications The adapter weighs in at about 1.2 lbs and is therefore not too heavy to lag around for those always on the go or want to spend time outdoors. It has an input voltage of between 110 volts and 240 volts making it suitable for use in a range of places. The adapter’s output voltage is 19 volts. Depending on the brand of your replacement adapter, the output watts range from 65 watts to 75 watts. The output amp is also between 3.42A and 3.95A depending on the particular brand. Compatibility The Toshiba PA-1650-21 charger can be used with a number of devices as it can be used with some computers from the Toshiba Portege series line such as the R700, R75, R835 and R830 series as well as computers from the Toshiba Tecra specifically L2 series. The Qosmio series computers can also use this as well as computers not from Toshiba like Acer, HP, Gateway, Asus, Advent, Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook and Amilo, Medion and Packard Bell and it would be advisable to check the P/N to see if your computer can use this particular Toshiba PA-1650-21 power supply. Lifespan Although the Toshiba PA-1650-21 power supply is susceptible to the same factors that make all power supplies need replacing, partnering with the right supplier for your products will ensure that you will first and foremost get a product that is working and second get a warranty that will cover both parts and labor for a sufficient time. The providers of these replacement parts all have varying warranties and policies regarding the coverage of their products. However a good warranty will not provide coverage for less than year and will cover parts and labor not just a standard warranty. Additionally if an extended warranty is bought it should have a sufficient time period and provide coverage for all the parts in the Toshiba PA-1650-21 power supply. Article Source :
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