Ways to Upgrade Your Home

United States
May 27, 2014 5:43am CST
The home upgrades that are most popular among homeowners are those that give the most dramatic transformation to the feel and style of the home. Most homeowners remodel their kitchen and/or upgrade their bathrooms first and foremost when looking to upgrade their home, and then they may consider insulation for more energy efficiency. The bathroom and kitchen are the 2 rooms of the house that get the most attention, and that contributes the most to the look and feel of the home. One of the most popular ways among homeowners to upgrade their home is to remodel the kitchen. Since most guests are entertained in the kitchen, it is often the room of the house where the most emphasis on design is placed. Stainless steel appliances offer durability and a polished appearance, but plain white appliances will always be classic and widely used. In addition to appliance upgrades, counter tops, cabinets and floor coordination is the other are of concentration. Homeowners often paint wooden cabinets to change the color scheme. Some go as far as to install framed-glass cabinet doors to create an entirely new feel. Aside from that, homeowners usually change the color of the countertops to another plain color to keep things simple. On the other hand, more extravagant homeowners will install granite or marble counter tops for a modern look and feel. Regardless of the creative methods, homeowners often remodel their kitchen first since it tends to be easiest and most effective way to change the feel of the home. The other popular way homeowners upgrade their home is to upgrade bathrooms. Even though the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, most homeowners find the bathroom to be the room that stands out the most. Most homeowners increase the sink and counter top space while they enlarge the bathroom mirror, all to make the bathroom appear larger and feel more spacious. Additionally, homeowners will resurface the tub and replace the ceramic tiles all around the bathroom to give the bathroom an inviting feel. As you can see, remodeling the kitchen and/or bathroom are most popular ways homeowners upgrade their homes. With an exponential number of color and style combinations to choose from, there are endless ways to make your upgrade truly unique to your personal style and taste. As long as the finished product is neat, clean and professional looking, the upgrades are not only cosmetically appealing, but gratifying and satisfying. And then you can go a step further and improve the overall efficiency of a home and save on energy expenses with an insulation upgrade. Many people are now considering spray foam insulation when they upgrade because of the great benefits and energy efficiency. It’s never a bad time to consider insulation, even thought it may seem like an odd upgrade -
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