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May 31, 2014 2:33am CST
Tobacco giant Philip Morris is planning to launch cheap Marlboro cigarettes in the Philippines, the domestic market in order to prevent the development trend of its market share continues to decline. By the Lucio Tan -controlled PMFTC IRD wrote a letter to the Philippine request to obtain permission to flavor Marlboro, Marlboro gold mild, mint and black menthol Marlboro Marlboro registered as a low-priced products. If given the Philippines IRD approved, the price of Marlboro cigarettes will be cheaper, and will compete with PMFTC cheap brand owned by other titles, such as wealth and Jackpot. Paul Riley Feimofuchuan 's president, said PMFTC will continue to remain at the famous Marlboro flavor categories of products, and the company 's flagship brand of Philip Morris, is not produced in a low class products. Philippines new consumer tax law, from 2013 to 2016, the Philippines IRD tax on cigarettes by cheap cigarettes cigarette tax rate and the premium category. By 2017, the single rate of 30 pesos per pack levy. Paul Riley said PMFTC production from 92 billion in 2012 down to 2013 's 68 billion. By 2014, the company's production is likely to decline further to 48 billion. Paul Riley said: " This is why we must take some measures to reverse this trend is even more reason for concern is that we expect this downward trend will continue, Marlboro sales in 2014 will be further reduced to 7. 9 billion. branch". Paul Riley said the reduction in cigarette production and sales, because consumers turn to low-cost cigarettes sake". Sin tax " of execution, making Mighty Filipino owned company and BAT cigarette consumption due to shift to cheaper brands and gain momentum. Industry estimates show that since the " sin tax " From the beginning of 2012, 25 % took the famous famous products and sub- smokers have turned to one peso each cigarette brand. Paul Riley said: "To stop this terrible trend, companies are willing to drastically reduced their profits, the introduction of net retail price is lower than 11. 5 pesos per pack of Marlboro new products". He added", the company hopes that in 2014, when sales can make an additional 8. 9 billion, which also helps the IRD received more cigarette tax". Feimofuchuan required to launch low-cost products for the market, indicating that the state of competition in the market is heating up. Price competition can indeed regain some market share, however, to ensure the provision of low-priced products do not significantly reduce the quality of the time, otherwise consumers will abandon the brand, the more harm than good. In addition, once the various tobacco companies have joined the price war will eventually be " snipe and the clam play off", tobacco companies for loss of profits, loss of government revenue, benefit the consumer, the consumer will be easier because low-priced products buy and consume more tobacco products, which in turn raise tobacco taxes and government policies to reduce tobacco consumption goes against the purpose. Therefore, such a price war not playing! . This cigarettes has a tailored fit designed for movement. Owning this cigarettes is your best choice in your life. The process of finding what I need goes smoothly on the web Being sold at a good price. Get job and super service on this company part! It arrived quickly and was in great condition. Almost all the same with the pictures. Extremely satisfied with product availability. It is amazing to be able to replace Click here bought for a long time."></a>.
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