Models Look Different | Ultra Gold

, New York
May 31, 2014 1:04pm CST
2014 Ray-Ban Classic Aviator sunglasses more style frame design excellence has been a timeless legend, but also fashion lady boys can not do with fashion jewelry.Gives the wearer maximum protection.Because mad pursuit of Hollywood stars, 2014 Ray-Ban Classic Aviator sunglasses is famous, but also demonstrated its unique style.Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses series gushing out using fresh colors, making the most iconic style, bright, eye-catching color design, highlighting the novel, never legalistic spirit and temperament. Shiny, interesting colors, coupled with the color levels of the color of the lens, the Ray-Ban Aviator emphasizes the unique and independent temperament.Ray-Ban Aviator series thus obtained a brand new look with a fresh set of shiny.Ray-Ban Craft marks the birth of Ray-Ban history of a very important and valuable skills, which is a re- design to the bridge of the nose and the temples at the box covered with a soft hand-stitched leather.Handmade Ray-Ban Aviator series because exceptionally fine details and skillful sewing leather design become colorful.Road Spirit emergence of Ray-Ban Aviator series get a very creative look, designed to focus the overall shape of the titanium alloy molding detail design to ensure its robustness, flexibility and maximum comfort and lightweight. Titanium, the style is the use of a titanium alloy molding, good sunglasses ensure its robustness, flexibility and maximum comfort and portability. High quality coupled with gradient lenses, making the models look different.Ultra Gold.Example of this style of Ray-Ban Ultra limited edition incorporates the latest design, improved its classic shape and enrich the new and prestigious design details, and uses cutting-edge technology in its design: the use of titanium, titanium, gold and other materials, the integration of technology in today's aesthetics, the traditional taste and for the pursuit of long-lasting and reliable.22K gold -plated whole frame and adopt to further reflect the Ray-Ban Ultra design quality and technological core of the new P3 (P-Cube) lenses.TECH.Carbon fiber is a very tough and extremely lightweight material.It has an extremely thin filaments for the production of various kinds of composite These tough carbon fiber and the matrix material (usually a resin ) used in combination, which can provide protection for the carbon fibers and able to maintain the shape of the product.From this, we get an extremely light, strong, flexible and durable frame.Wearing your favorite brand sunglasses will be honorable in your life.Do not miss is a very easy site to browse.Product was easy to find on their website.Love the look and feel.You order process is easy and intuitive.Get job and super service on this company part! The shipping cost is cheap.It arrived quickly and was in great condition.Almost all the same with the pictures.Extremely satisfied with availability."></a>
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