Luxottica Google Alliance Is A Major Gains That Way

, New York
June 4, 2014 4:10am CST
Let the technology become fashionable not a simple matter, Earlier, Google announced that Google will launch more fashion style glasses frame design accessories, today Google announced Google glasses again a major positive: the cooperation with the Italian Luxottica Group, the future Google glasses will work together to product design, production and distribution. Luxottica Group held Oakley, Ray-Ban, Vogue-Eyewear, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Alain Mikli, as well as other well-known eyewear brand Arnette. However, the two sides did not disclose the products are expected to work together -to-market, and also the first for the North American market only this cooperation. According to the " Wall Street Journal " and the " Los Angeles Times " reported that Google hopes by Luxottica 's help, let Google glasses more fashionable and stylish. Google X laboratory in charge of Google glasses developed Astro Teller, said people in the face for the computer is extremely resistant to wear, which involves not only technology, but also about fashion sense. Luxottica designers and engineers, Google co- glasses and Google technology will enable the integration, not only on the Google device spectacles trouble. Forrester Research analyst JP Gownder pointed worn device, and Luxottica Google alliance is a major gains that way, Google or tens of millions of glasses to appear in front of customers on a one hundred million. Euromonitor International data show that in 2012 Luxottica market share of 12. 4%, for the optical industry overlord ; 's LensCrafters and Sunglass Hut and a row of glasses, spectacles future Google is expected to sell 5, 000 stores in the United States. Gownder said, and got his help Luxottica display Google mustering their efforts to make glasses transform consumer goods. Google spokesman said Google glasses still discussing the price, on sale date have not yet been determined, hoping to be listed later this year. In addition, Google Jan. 28, and the nation's largest health insurance company VSP Vision signed a contract to buy Google when VSP policyholders glasses, frames and lenses partially available insurance subsidies. Cooperation can let the price more affordable wearable device, into the mainstream market. One to one marketing to customers wearable consumer electronics devices more difficult, if combined with health care systems, will be able to reach the mass market in one fell swoop. VSP policyholders covers 1/5 of the American people, the nation's health care network includes 30, 000 ophthalmologists. Glasses can be obtained from the manufacturer's "Help", Google is of course very pleased, because the company is currently facing the outside of this product exclusion "trouble". For example, a bar in San Francisco to ban the use of Google glasses, on the grounds that consumers worry that they will be shot down. Google also has taken great care in terms of efforts to dispel fears of Google glasses, say, an article entitled "Ten Google glasses rumor", the official blog published last week. In addition, Google also advises consumers not to take pictures surreptitiously. Want technology vision into real business projects, Google glasses must try commercialization. Last week, Augmedix announced that the company received $ 3. 2 million financing, hoping to use Google glasses help physicians more effectively manage patient health records. Before Google Glasses officially launch this product, Google 's co-operation with Luxottica will eat a grain of reassurance to developers: Google glasses is a real consumer products. Google spokesman said that Google is currently being discussed internally produced this pricing. The company hopes to offer Google glasses later this year, but the exact date has not been finalized. Where can you get those fancy and cheap sunglasses gear or apparel, the answer is here, shop now. was truly focused on the customer use perspective. Product was easy to find on their website. Love the look and feel. Being sold at a good price. Get job and super service on this company part! Extremely satisfied with product availability. It is amazing to be able to replace bought for a long time."></a>
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