Autoboss V30 Elite scanner Autoboss evaluation

Guangzhou, China
June 4, 2014 8:02pm CST
If you buy Autoboss V30, then you are one step advanced than others. Autoboss V30 not only Covers early car models, but also latest car models of Asian, European, American and domestic. Autoboss V30 scanner supports CAN- BUS diagnosis for all major car brand, including Volkswagen / for Audi, for Ford, for Mazda, for Nissan, for Hyundai / for KIA. Autoboss V30 has Built-in high / low speed CAN- BUS and single CAN- BUS which makes all CAN- BUS systems available with only one connector. Super Scanner Autoboss V30 Elite an evolution to Autoboss. Autoboss V30 has wide car coverage, including 40 manufacturers with up to 148 systems. Auto scanner V3 Elite provide you best value in one sigle unit by work for all major cas. Autoboss V30 is advanced diagnostic tool in market. What is special of Autoboss V30 Scanner. Speciality one: Original Autoboss V30 Elite scanner can updated on official website. It will have more car system and more function in the existing list. Speciality two: Autoboss V30 is equipped with record function, which enables users to record the vehicle data when testing the vehicle. And the recorded data can be send back to AUTOBOSS head office for analysis, which will help users solve problems faster. Speciality three: Autoboss V30 has multiple functions include Key programming, Electronic parking brake, Service light reset and much more. One single unit is equal to several machine, convenient and saving. Speciality fore: Autoboss V30 Simple and direct interface can connect quickly and efficiently, avoid of many annoying problems. Speciality five: Autoboss V30 can support 5 OBDII protocols and 9 modes, which provide user much convenience. This is edited by obd diagnostic center. If you have any question or advice on it, plz feel free to contact us--china obd diagnostic center--provide top quality of diagnstic tools.
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