For the Love and Peace, We should Stop Abusing our Own Rights

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - For the Love and Peace, We should Stop Abusing our Own Rights
Bangkok, Thailand
June 10, 2014 2:28am CST
We all know that theoretically there is a code in a law book to give everyone an equal right, but in practical, everything is different. The dignity of a person usually also determines their rights and level, and it is up to them whether they want to abuse it . Does not matter where is it, because this happened anywhere, someone with their position can easily dishonor others when they have the opportunity. Only the clever and agile residents of this planet will respect and appreciate that everyone is equal and they are deserve to be treated with the same liberties regardless of their rank. Everyone also deserves to have their own rights, it all depends on how wisely we use it and how thoughtful we are with a peaceful behavior. If we do not have the ability to help and care for others, at least don’t exploit our own rights to hurt and humiliate others. We will not create any good friendships with this kind of reaction, but rather will received hostile actions by people who hate us. They will be those who can turn into an evil and spoil our peaceful life, for which we have done to them, when this happen, the equal right is no longer exist. But that is not the sensible way and it give only more misery for both parties, where no one would benefit from it. Usually, it’s all about money or power with better financial income and when somebody think this is all worth, then it may lead them to a troubled life further. A relaxed life with inner peace is priceless and good for health, this also give us a good mood and we will have more luck. Everyone are equal and should have the same rights, no one want to be belittled or let somebody to step on their soul. If we have the same rights as others and not misused it, we will be getting respect by others for the love and peace in our life. Always respect others and realize that we were all born with the same rights for peace and unity in the world. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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13 Jun 14
you are really good thinker