Summary of May, Raining Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014 10:47am CST
I don’t know how to express my emotion on these day, maybe desperate is the best word. A JI lied to me, the state-owned enterprise didn’t notice me to take a text or interview me at all!Why he told me to apply the job?I am so innocent to wait for the good news, and prepare a lot. For the rest of the government officer, I failed even I prepare a lot, coz I don’t have relationship. I feel like I hit on a wall again and again and again, I feel upset, helpless and unfair. I don’t know how to do for the next step. Suspend for so long, I think I will have a brighter life, and embrace a better future. I did so much, got nothing finally.WHY? Today, I saw a caption in, that is “fighting on oneself is better than complaining the sky and the ground” . I think the author is right. It’s only me left to comfort all the mess. I did lots of foolish things, a lot of. Things become more difficult, the road become blurrer. I can’t get what I want, and I need to choose another way, or what?I’m confused, I want to hide myself and don’t want others see what happen to me. For the next day, I plan to study everyday, 1 hour for hunting jobs online. 1 hour for government text study. 1 hour for law review. For the rest of time, I spend all the time to study English. I don’t need to go out, I’m afraid of hearing people ask me why I stay at home on working days.
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