How do you react when people lie to you.

United States
June 10, 2014 12:54pm CST
I called my neighbor for a charity call for Diabetes drive. They wouldn't answer so I looked across the street to see if I could see their T.V. on. I saw the blinds were opened but all of a sudden the were closed so I went over and knocked. Instead of going to the front door I went to the side where they were hurrying to get out of the front room. Needless to say they knew I saw them and had to answer the door. I promised them I wouldn't ask them for money if they gave this time so they gave me 5.dollars. Another time I called my other neighbor to see what store her husband had gotten a piece of garden equipment. A minute or two later I saw him driving out of the driveway. He could have been in the garage getting ready to leave and she thought he was already gone. My attitude towards people who do things like that does change. I am still there friend but not in the same way. I may not be as trusting of them.
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