Google 2014 Updates: Digital SEO and Preparative Measures

Miami, Florida
June 11, 2014 12:33am CST
In terms of various Google updates, 2013 was full of events. The Penguin, Panda and Humming Bird update have transformed the keyword data search to encrypted data search results. This year, Google has also adopted many spam-fighting steps for more competitive SEO marketing. On the other hand, the online presence of various company websites has created a greater impact in boosting the ROI of a business. Therefore, SEO practitioners are becoming more conscious in adopting a robust vision about the latest Google update. The digital SEO game will continue, but the rules will have much complexity in the near future. Here are a few suggestions for the companies who are thinking about some digital strategical change in 2014: Content Marketing is bigger than ever Content marketing has matured a lot in 2014. This year Google ranking will depend upon the informative content and robust one that supports Google's latest updates. A good content strategy has several advantages like: Submission of a typical content on a daily basis could target your potential customer. Regular sharing and user engagement will show your social activeness. A newly fresh content will show how live your website is. The changes in your company strategies depend upon the present status of your content. If you have already made such a change, then you need to focus on mobile friendly content for the users. Social Marketing Will play a Visible role In the last few years, social media optimization has emerged as a major player on the Internet marketing landscape. First, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter had a good grasp over the market and later on, Pinterest and Instagram witnessed a great rise. Latest studies say that Google+ is acting as a digital SEO booster for the websites who are interested to be visible on major SERP's. It is expected that those +1's on the Google page will contribute directly and give a major social signal approach to the website. Advertisement and PPC campaign relationships with SEO Encryption of searches has disabled the use of keyword data for any type of researches by the SEO professionals. But Google has left a loophole through the PPC system that are available to them only. PPC will grow more due to the access of keyword data. Hopefully Google will also release a product icon on its page to give an easy access to the data. Posting on Guest Blogs will be effective Guest Blogging has been a prime area of focus that can create more traffic, quality inbound link and branding exposure in 2014. This is a complicated platform where dipping a toe in spammy content will drown your whole business. You must have to put quality content and have stringent specifications while opting for your targeted sites. If such guidelines are not followed, then your website may/will be penalized as per the Penguin update. Improve the effectiveness of your website before being punched by the latest updates of Google. Choose an SEO company to create more money down the road. 2014 seems staggering, but good news is that you can easily guess the trend that are heading with the past updates. Making it easier for all your visitors, you only have to stay solid on white hat techniques and give attention to few priorities to keep your business on the top ranking list of 2014 organic search visibility. For more information about digital SEO, please visit”>digital
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