How to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer?

United States
June 12, 2014 12:49am CST
We all love the air conditioning when it is hot during the summer but not when we get those high electric bills at the end of the month putting a huge expense on our pockets. There are other ways to keep your home cool during the summer so if you want to keep those bills low, follow these steps: 1. Always keep your blinds or shades closed even during the daytime. If they are open, the sun that beams through your windows can immediately heat up a room. Also, turn off all your lights during the day. All they do is add more heat to your home and the sunlight that still makes it through those closed shades are enough light for you to get through until night time. 2. If you do use the air conditioning, remember that hot air actually rises. If you have multiple floors in your home, keep the downstairs vents closed so that the upstairs vents give you more air allowing you to not use so much air conditioning. 3. Most people do not know that the clothes dryer actually uses a ton of energy and creates a lot of heat throughout your home. If you have the means, the best way to do this is to hang your clothes on a clothesline or clothing rack. Another tip to avoid using the air conditioning is to use the clothing washer as little as you can throughout the summer. 4. Search your house and check to see if there are any places where your precious cool air can escape. Close any door that can be closed. This allows for less room needing to cool down letting you cut down on your air conditioning. 5. Check your insulation. This tends to be an area that people overlook, but you most definitely shouldn’t. Poor insulation can lead to major energy loss. Many residents in the South are switching to spray foam insulation in Mississippi to save money in the long run. 6. Try not to do any physical activities inside of your home. If you are used to working out and exercising inside, try changing it up to doing it outside. This is because if you move around a lot inside of your home, you create more heat that stays inside of your house after you are done working out. Do not stop exercising. Just change your location. 7. Do not change your air conditioning temperature. If you leave it at the same temperature, it will actually work better and cut your bill down. The best advice to give you is to cool down your house bright and early in the morning with a fan in front of an open window and then also open up a window on the other side of the home, creating a cross breeze.
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